Time To Change


Haven’t got much going on tonight so I thought I’d say hi. There have been a couple of things on my mind lately and decided in therapy today that it would be a good idea to blog about them.

Firstly I’ll start with the slightly negative topic. I’ve realised lately how damn lonely I can get and how easy it is to feel this way. Don’t get my wrong, I have wonderful friends, but most of them have moved away, live far away, are super busy with work or even live in other countries! Most people would probably say I have a busy social life. I agree, I guess I do. I like to plan activities and arrange meet ups with friends, but these only last so long, they have to come to an end. Then the loneliness starts again. I think *all* of my friends would tell you that I’m the friend that texts them the most or expects responses within the hour otherwise I think something is wrong. I appreciate this is a bit excessive, and I am trying to curb my love for texting a little, but it’s difficult. I think it’s verging on an addiction. My friends are good, I’ve had texts that say “sorry it’s taken me a while to reply, I’ve been busy at work, but I don’t hate you…” – that’s the start of the reply from the friends that know I’ll be questioning whether they still like me if they’ve taken longer than half a day to reply. I appreciate that. Thanks, guys. I know I have the best friends, and I love you all. I just wish I saw you, called you, text you, even got to dance with you more often.

So, the title of this blog: ‘Time To Change”. Basically, I’m looking for ideas from fellow text-lovers about how to occupy myself without texting as much. Cheap/no-cost options would be best. Or, how do you entertain yourselves when you’re lonely or when friends are busy (Wheelchair-friendly options, please)?

Secondly, the title of this blog also relates to my new job. A few of you will know, but I thought it was time to publically announce that from April, I will have a paid job with the mental health Charity, Time To Change. I have completed voluntary work with them in the past, delivering my personal experiences of mental health difficulties to children in various schools across the country. Our aim is to reduce stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues. They’re not something to be ashamed of (yes, I thought they were initially) and the more of us who speak out about them, hopefully the more people who may feel like they can open up and ask for help if they are struggling. Anyway, in April I start my role as Time To Change Regional Campaigner for the West Midlands. My job will be to create and deliver presentations to young people across the region about mental health issues to try and reduce the stigma and discrimination that unfortunately are still experienced by those of us who have/have had mental health struggles. I will then hopefully then train a variety of young people to talk about mental health in their schools and arrange campaigns to raise awareness. I’m due to have an induction on 5th April and I’m very excited 🙂

Finally, I’m at Naidex (that’s the exhibition where I rode on a segway last year) next week. It’s an event in Birmingham where I finally am part of a majority. Thousands of disabled people come together to explore new facilities/equipment and events that we can all take part in. It’s also a great place to network and chat to people who experience similar things and who just ‘get it’ (quite a rarity). So, check it out if you haven’t already. There are also a range of fantastic speakers who share their success stories and tell you what they’re up to next. I’ve met and heard from some great people there and get some good ideas for this blog. Maybe I’ll even see some of you there. Let me know if you’re attending, I’ll be there on Wednesday 29th March.

Right, that’s it for now. Basically I want to make a few changes and am looking forward to new opportunities coming up soon. Let me know if you have any ideas of hobbies/ activities I could do (maybe something a little different to the norm).

Thanks for reading, hope you’re having a good day.

Louise xxx


One thought on “Time To Change

  1. Many congratulations on the new job – certainly sounds really interesting and so truly important more so now than ever I believe. Naidex sounds good! Loneliness is such a complex area and there are such different types of loneliness – at this point in my life I feel so rushed off my feet all the time that I have actually neglected many of my friendships but there are times that i remember feeling so lonely despite having people around me (at university for example), I also felt really lonely when i had my first child despite having lots of other new mums going through the same experiences i found that they all had their own mums around and i missed my mum no longer being here so felt so different and alone at that time. One of my big hobbies that came about as a result of spending hours awake at night when my youngest was breastfeeding was coming across competitions on facebook – the more i entered, the more i won and the ‘creative’ ones where you had to actually submit a photo / recipe/ idea etc helped fill that creative void i had from being a stay at home mum. It has gone through it’s ups and downs (it became a full-on addiction whilst i has post-natal depression and i became reliant on the ‘buzz’ of winning for my happiness) but when i feel i’ve got the balance back and don’t spend too much time on it, it fills any spare time i have and i have actually made lovely online friends through it. Perhaps setting up a facebook group or joining an existing one to do with one of your interests for chatting could be a solution to the texts? I desperately wish i had more time for reading – Are there any books you’ve always wanted to read? Immersing yourself in the blogging world has helped others combat loneliness as it can be a wonderful supportive community – open all hours to leave comments and interact with other bloggers. All the best for your new role – feeling very excited for you!


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