An Update

Hi Everyone,

I’m very sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, life has been super busy recently (though I do realise that’s no excuse)!

A few things to update you on:

  1. Last month, we were invited to The Student Wordsmith Awards Night at Loughborough University. It was a great night with lots of wonderful guest speakers showcasing their poetry. The winner of our poem was also crowned. Congratulations, Lizzie! I shall upload her winning poem in due course.

2. I went to Naidex show at the end of April at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s about the 6th time I’ve been now and I love it! There are always great speakers sharing their stories (this year it was Martyn Sibley on the day I attended). He’s co-founded Disability Horizons, for disabled people to share their experiences of access when travelling. Go check it out! You may even see me writing a piece for their site in the near future!

I also had a go on a seated Segway, which was very cool. If I’m feeling brave later, I might tweet a picture. Oh, and I was lucky enough to meet GB Boccia star, Nigel Murray, and learn some tips about how to play.

Let me know if any of you have any of you have been to Naidex and what you think of it. We want to hear all about your experiences!

3. Finally, I know we’re supposed to be sharing positive stories, but we’re also about raising awareness. With that in mind, Tanni Grey-Thompson has decided to use #inaccessible when she’s out-and-about and finds a disabled toilet that she can’t get into/ has been used to store things/ is generally not fit to use. I thought we could join in with this, I’m sure  we’ve all had those experiences. Let me know in the comments or use the hashtag on Twitter. That would be great.

I also thought we could tweet about it if we’ve found disabled toilets that are particularly helpful. For instance, my local M&S now has two disabled toilets next to each other: one for left-hand transfer & one for right-hand transfer. The doors are labelled accordingly, how great is that?! I shall RT the picture later, go check out @Head_overwheels on Twitter (if you haven’t already).

Do let is know your positive access stories as well as not-so positive ones. It’s always good to share the positives too 🙂

Hope you’re all well. I should be more available on here over the summer as work calms down a bit.  We also have the Paralympics in Rio to look forward to, YAY! 😊