Poetry Competition Entry

Ask and See
by Eleanor Pilcher 
Let’s talk about the weather,
my family and the cats.
Just ignore me as I roll
all over your welcome mat.

You see I’m a bit bored
of all these nervous looks,
these forced laughs and endless smiles
like you’re guilty leg crooks.

I can talk about my wheels,
my leathery throne, my seat.
But your ignorant chatter, smiles,
are neither humble, nor sweet.

I glide and skate and roll,
across the bumpy ground,
in winter time I need no blades
to help me get around.

In the mornings, I sleep
wake, then sit, then pull
on a helpful hanging bar,
to get into position – I fall

when I get around my kitchen
I knock all over things,
but do you know I have a life?
I knit and drive and sing.

My wheels are my occasional strike
but I’m a person just the same
as him and her and you, I’m
not just simply lame.

So ask me about my life,
about my hobbies, the traffic and me.
Talk to me as you would that person,
as I am normal. Ask, and you’ll see.

I really love this. Wonderful entry. Thank you and congratulations, Eleanor 🙂


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